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VALUE, BY & FOR HUMAN. We don't believe in coincidences. We don't believe in chance. We are engineers and innovators.
Craftmen and architects of the data. But above all, We know that behind each data, there is a usage, and behind each usage, there is VALUE... but that beyond the technologies we master, at the heart of every data strategy lies HUMAN. This deep commitment to value and human is reflected in our 3 core values:



It expresses our desire to assist our customers in achieving continuous improvement by capturing the full value potential of data. It also represents our teams' desire to learn, and our thirst for learning and innovating in an ever-changing data ecosystem.


It symbolizes our attachment to facts, to tangible results and to direct relationships. It synthesizes our daily attitude. Because beyond the dematerialization of relationships, e-commerce, AI, and all the technologies we master, we never forget that at the heart of everything, and above all there is HUMAN.


It embodies our pragmatism, our efforts to propose efficient data systems and our rigor in achieving objectives. We know that the success of data ambition has become a holistic discipline, in which it is necessary to orchestrate business innovation, technology, corporate governance and organization, statistics and regulation.