Axiosquare, Axionable’s startup studio specialized in artificial intelligence

18 juillet 2018

Axionable launches AxioSquare, its startup studio dedicated to artificial intelligence (IA), as a cultivator for entrepreneurial projects as well as enterprises. First startup chosen: VEESION, winner of HEC/Station F startup launchpad, which revolutionizes the in-store theft battle via AI technology.

AxioSquare acts as the bridge among AI startups, incubators, enterprises and academic ecosystems.

AxioSquare, the startup studio dedicated to AI, was launched by Axionable in Spring 2018. It stands at the intersection between young entrepreneurial projects and innovation programs within large enterprises. AxioSquare is presented in 3 models:


  1. Launchpad: Accompany the startups from start, in addition to existing incubators and public and private financing facilities


  1. Lab: Design and conceive the innovations and breakthroughs that could be put into practice thanks to AI, through a series of growth hacking, hackathon, or furthermore through creating prototypes


  1. Factory: Industrialize AI within large enterprises, particularly putting new products and/or solutions on market through joint ventures

The objective is crystal clear: provide indispensable elements to young startups and large corporations to help them prevail in AI. This means capitalizing our office in the heart of Paris to accommodate the startups or host Design Thinking sessions for large corporations, to share experience with AI experts here at Axionable. Furthermore, participants could profit from AxioLab for implementing the prototypes, privileged partnerships such as AWS, MapR and Salesforce, and lastly the strong academic networking Axionable possesses.

«Axionable is founded by 4 entrepreneurs who are passionate about AI and the value it could create for all kinds of enterprises. Hence the creation of AxioSquare is completely natural in order to help other budding entrepreneurs dedicated to AI, to advise our clients with a refreshing and modern perspective and to assist them to rapidly valorize data via AI». Franck Touboul, Partner and President of Axionable, is in charge of AxioSquare and will play the vital role in mobilizing the start studio’s network among 42, HEC, Télécom ParisTech and Station F.

First startup chosen: VEESION,  addressing the issue of reducing in-store fraud using Artificial Intelligence.

VEESION team and its mentors, left to right:  Stephane Madoeuf, Guillaume Le Dieu de Ville, Damien Menigaux, Pascal Cagni, Thibault David, Benoit Koenig, et Franck Touboul.

HEC alumni and currently a Axionable consultant, Othmane Araqi Houssaini has selected and accompanied VEESION all the way to the recent victory in HEC / 42 Startup Launchpad. Constituted by HEC and Polytechnique students, VEESION has developed a machine learning algorithm that could detect in-store suspicious activities. Powered by Artificial Intelligence to enable real-time video analysis, this algorithm could be applied in various fields in addition to its main function in reducing in-store thefts.  «Admitted by Station F from July 2018, AxioSquare lets us benefit from proper services to finalize our first prototype and to acquire our first clients, while exchanging ideas and feedbacks with Axionable’s deep learning experts. », Benoit Koenig, co-founder of VEESION stated.


Would you like to boost your AI project together with AxioSquare? Please contact Franck Touboul (, co-founder, President of Axionable and leader of AxioSquare.




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