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Our AI Lab to accompany our customers for end-to-end advisory services: from identifying their needs to delivering sustainable and responsible AI solutions with positive impacts on their business model and performance.
5 areas
of expertise
by nature
and responsable
Partner with best-in-class
research labs
* Source: Montreal Declaration, which Axionable proudly presents as one of signatories
Activate Axionable AI, is the concrete, scalable and sustainable answer to your business challenges, leveraging on our first-tier research and technologies.
End-to-end solutions
Implement the most adaptable AI solutions for our clients’ needs via our accelerators:

- Scientific monitoring and prototypes
- Scalable AI product industrialization
- Collaborative research projects
- Thesis and Research Chair

areas of expertise
We exploit and improve open source on the following domains:
multidisciplinary team
Mobilize an ad-hoc team for each of our client, a team consisted of more than 50 Data / IA specialists with versatile profiles:

- PhD
- Data Scientists
- Machine Learning Engineers & Architects
- DPO & Cybersecurity experts
- Data Product Owners & Scrum Masters
- AI Strategy Consultants

scalable by nature
Accelerate the deployment of AI solutions through our technological and cloud partners:
sustainable and responsible
Build solutions that respect ethical and societal issues. Adhere to strong and engaging principles to maximize the added-value imposed by, and for, human:

- For a responsible development of artificial intelligence (signatory of the Montreal Declaration of Responsible AI)
- For AI solutions that respect privacy and confidentiality (signatory of the AFCDP Charter)
- For raising our teams' awareness of diversity and inclusion (signatory of the Galion Charter)

Partner with best-in-class research labs
Connect to the best research institutes and universities through our partnership with DataIA:
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