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Combining meaning and career with Axionable
Joining us means evolving in a human-sized and growing tech company , which will allow you to combine meaning and career through artificial intelligence projects.
It's also a strong attachment to career development and a pleasant working environment!

Tech lovers

Work on all of the phases of an AI project , from job framing to data preparation or even to the production of algorithmic models: Project management, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Engineering, DevOps.

Use the latest technical stacks of distributed computing, NLP, cloud providers, languages / Libraries, explainability, storage and / or visualization, microservices or web programming.

Contribute to applied research with our Lab in Paris and Montreal .

Sense makers

Find meaning in your work through sustainable use cases linked to the United Nations sustainable development goals: detection of fragility, anticipation of climate change , responsible finance, sustainable supply chain,….

Participate in the development of a committed business , which promotes the inclusion of women in tech and strives to reduce its carbon footprint.

Become intrapreneur and take initiatives through internally funded projects on topics for
simplify everyday life or act for the planet or even design a business that suits you.

4 times of the number of female employees by 2020
on our carbon
footprint by 2020

Career booster

Surround yourself with a team of experts (scientists, developers, PhD, consultants, lawyer), in a transparent and caring atmosphere.

Take ownership of our AI consulting methodologies and our technical solutions for Responsible Machine Learning .

Benefit from a training program and a career development program through an adapted schedule .

Our offers (F/H) :
ML Engineer, Consultant IA Business,
Data Scientist, Data Engineer,
Data Architect, Data Full Stack,
DevOps, DPO, Consultant Sustainability…
Of workers feel like I am progressing and learning
Of workers feel recognized and encouraged in their efforts

Axiolife @axionable

Ready for sustainable AI?

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