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IA durable & résilience

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Accélérer la sortie de crise
AI to build a sustainable world:
Two major trends are emerging in companies: on the one hand, the arrival of artificial intelligence, which is both a source of fear and hope; on the other, the wave of social and environmental responsibility. As such, the Covid-19 crisis illustrates the need to accelerate the transition to more resilient and sustainable models, and to overcome the dated opposition between financial profitability and responsibility, by considering sustainable development not as a constraint. , but as an opportunity to create competitive advantages and lasting value.

Artificial intelligence is not natively responsible or has a lasting purpose. It is a means, a tremendous accelerator to bring this transformation to fruition, provided that it is designed and used in a spirit of performance and responsibility.

Topics covered:
AI to create shared value. Sustainable AI: what are we talking about? AI to create shared value. ``Sustainable development, the promises of AI``. Energy performance of an industrial site. ``Data is at the heart of our strategy``. Unlock the potential of sustainable AI. ``The health crisis, a taste of the climate crisis`` Resilience and adaptation of a building stock to climate change. ``Having high value use cases for our businesses``. What tools and methods to start a project? “Start with the most ROIst projects! »Responsible finance and ESG reporting. ``Being an actor in a responsible digital world``. ``Define principles on which we must be vigilant``. Sustainable AI is now!

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