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Positive business impact
Societal and environmental challenges


We provide meaningful purposes via Artificial Intelligence
Companies that integrate responses to societal & environmental challenges as part of their strategy gain a competitive advantage. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are not only a external supporting tool for the company, they are now an essential part of it, growing from inside the organization.

Axionable's mission is to assist companies in creating sustainable value via responsible AI, with positive and measurable impacts for their business and the society as a whole. We develop meaningful, purpose-oriented artificial intelligence side by side with our clients as well as a diverse ecosystem including universities, NGOs and governments.

Sustainable AI unleashes new sources of value
To make it happen, we take initiative for 4 commitments at Axionable
of our revenues aligned with UN Global Goals by 2021
of our carbon footprint by 2020
4 times of the number of female employees by 2020
4 black-list controversial sectors: tobacco, liquors, controversial weapons & pornography


We create sustainable value from the board-member meeting to cloud platform
To achieve your goals, we have developed an exclusive approach based on 3 co-related pillars:
Our unique canvas stemming from the combination of design thinking and strategy consulting methodologies enables business leaders identifying sources of sustainable value and technological solutions adapted to their core business.

Our sustainable strategy team is led by managing director and founder Gwendal Bihan

We conduct applied research for sustainably oriented AI systems through our specialized scientific laboratory.

We rely on the best of French and Canadian university research in artificial intelligence. Through our presence in Montreal, where highly respected researchers such as Turing Prize winner Yoshua Bengio work, we have access to a thriving ecosystem in deep and automatic learning.

Our sustainable research team is led by Dr. Alexis Hannart, AI Scientific Director

We accelerate the development of custom use cases thanks to a proprietary solution that can be deployed on all Clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure...).

Our approach is based on 6 key principles: explainability, bias reduction, privacy, maintaining human decision making for critical tasks, robustness and green AI.

Our Sustainable Solutions team is led by our Technical Director and founder Laurent Wlodarczyk.


We solve real business problems and create positive impacts on society.
We focus our efforts on 7 use cases aligned with the UN goals for sustainable development, where AI has a demonstrated positive impact on a large scale:
Health & psychosocial risks prevention
The latest technological developments in AI make it possible to detect psychosocial risks and thus increase well-being at work. Incidents such as Sexual and moral harassment, burnouts, isolation, … are detectable by Artificial intelligence (AI).

In this field, AI can have a social impact on the human resources of any enterprise, as well as on insurers and actors in the health sector, while paying particular attention to the management of personal and health data. In the industrial and transport sectors, computer vision technologies (AI applied to images and videos) make it possible to identify operators' postures and risk behaviors.

Optimizing productivity

Reducing absenteeism and disability

Health and well-being*
Anticipating climate change
Climate change is impacting socio-economic systems around the world. Rising average temperatures come along with increasing probability of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes or heat waves. These tragedies create chronic risks that are difficult for companies and organizations to predict.

Machine learning algorithms, enriched by massively available open data (weather forecasts, satellite images, ...) could assess and better anticipate these risks. We offer AI services and solutions for manufacturers, transport operators, insurers and other players to better anticipate these risks and avoid disasters for stakeholders. Stakeholders including employees, plant neighbors, customers, suppliers, etc.

Cost savings in damage claims (€)

Increasing productivity

Sustainable Cities and Communities*
Responsible finance & banking
The financial services sector is currently at a critical crossroads, with a profound change in its business model.
For retail banks and asset managers, a responsible and inclusive approach to risk, based on fair and unbiased AI models, is an opportunity to provide financial services such as payment facilities, loans or mortgages to new customer segments.

For corporate banks, asset managers and custodian banks, rating assets according to environmental and social criteria is the new norm with responsible indices (DJSI, MSCI, FTSE4Good, Stoxx® Global ESG Leaders Index, CDP, Oekom, Vigeo Eiris, ATM, etc.).

% yield gain in the long term

€ investment in the 17 SDGs (The Sustainable Development Goals )

Sustainable Cities and Communities*
Sustainable supply chain
Upstream, AI is essential for aligning suppliers with the responsible procurement strategy of companies. Predictive KYS (Know Your Supplier) analysis helps to identify suitable suppliers and reduce the risks associated with the sourcing process. Downstream, AI helps to decarbonize the transportation of goods.

Further into the manufacturing process, AI systems can suggest more sustainable alternatives to energy-intensive molecules or processes. As an example, we have developed an AI that analyzes global databases of patents and scientific publications, using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to identify an alternative set of molecules or synthesis processes that consume less water and/or energy.

Cost saving in €

Creating jobs in #

Securing endangered species

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure*
Energy efficiency
AI offers many ways to optimize the way our society produces, exchanges, transports, consumes and recycles energies such as electricity or heat.
Within renewable energy infrastructures, AI also enables the implementation of predictive maintenance protocols for equipment but also to fight against sabotage and vandalism by offering security solutions based on computer vision.

In the construction and real estate sector, big data, analysis and artificial intelligence offer tools to build in accordance with high environmental standards as a differentiating factor or simply to comply with regulations.

Reducing the proportion of energy-related cost among total production processes

Reducing amount of CO2 emission

Affordable and Clean energy*
Transformation of workforce with / for AI
Some predict that AI will create a massive number of jobs, others assume the opposite and see AI as a threat to less skilled jobs.
Certainly, AI is the 4th industrial revolution and it is having a profound impact on the way we work. The latest developments in machine and deep learning, combined with other technologies (AR, RV, IoT, ...) are radically changing the division of labor between man, machine and augmented man.
In order to adopt a sustainable approach to AI transformation, companies must introduce and sharpen employees' knowledge to AI, which are often considered as externalities and complementary elements in the past.
Optimizing efficiency

Creating new jobs

Quality education*
AI for democracy
Fake news and targeted political advertising proliferate on the Internet and social networks, with a proven impact on the functioning of democracies. AI solutions such as natural language processing technologies can help NGOs and the media spot false news.
Moreover, educating about social networks and AI is essential to raise awareness.
AI is also a powerful stimulus for developing a subscription-based business model in the media industry through strategies leveraging on the value of information, or on predicting attrition among subscribers, thus help media independence and pluralism to thrive.
% paid media subscriptions

# of independent media

% citizen satisfaction

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions*


Leadership team
Founded in 2016 and profitable from day one, 
Axionable is managed by its partners:
Gwendal Bihan
Managing Director and co-founder
Charlène Deloison
Human Resources Manager and associate
Vincent Philippine
Media & Industry Director and Partner
Franck Touboul
Administrative and Financial Director and co-founder
Laurent Wlodarczyk
Technical director and associate
Heroes of change
Every project is unique, our alternative approaches brings multidisciplinary specialist team that include data scientist, business IA consultant, ML engineer, sustainable consultant…

our clients

We leverage our expertise throughout the entire AI value chain
With more than 35 clients, mainly in the industrial, banking, insurance, media, luxury, real estate and health sectors, we dedicate ourselves to create a positive impact on our society


1 December 2021

Orano and its partners launch the Plants of Tomorrow project

The Orano group and its partners are launching a development project known as udd@Orano (for Usines De Demain (Plants of Tomorrow) on Orano industrial sites) in order to accelerate deployment of the plant of the future on the group’s industrial sites. Coordinated by Orano, this project brings together 11 industrial partners for a period of […]

25 November 2021

[MAKING OF VIDEO] IA performante et éthique : Axionable décroche la 1ère certification délivrée par le LNE

Cette certification “Intelligence Artificielle” vise à favoriser la confiance accordée par les utilisateurs, donneurs d’ordres et régulateurs des systèmes d’IA, en leur permettant de disposer d’un référentiel d’exigences et de critères d’évaluation objectifs. C’est une grande fierté pour toute l’équipe d’Axionable d’être la première entreprise certifiée, et c’est une nouvelle preuve du haut niveau d’exigence […]

Gwendal BIHAN
25 November 2021

IA performante et éthique : Axionable décroche la 1ère certification délivrée par le LNE

IA performante et éthique : Axionable décroche la 1ère certification délivrée par le LNE Le LNE (Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais) a créé la première certification dédiée, garantissant les performances, la sécurité, la gestion des risques et l’éthique des systèmes d’IA. Après un audit poussé, Axionable devient la première entreprise certifiée.  Paris, le 24 novembre […]

Gwendal BIHAN
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