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Our Mission

Accelerate and drive the sustainable transformation of companies and public organizations with Data and AI
The climate emergency forces organizations (private and public) to deeply rethink their business models in order to reduce their environmental footprint (mitigation approach) and assess their exposure and vulnerability to a changing future climate (adaptive approach).

Organizations are under increasing pressure from their stakeholders: regulatory pressure, with an upcoming inflation of disclosure obligations (IFRS S2, CSR, CSRD, Green Taxonomy…). Strong pressure from their value chain, both upstream (suppliers’ pressure) and downstream (customers’ pressure). Pressure from talents, who are deeply questioning traditional models, while focusing on meaningful and impactful daily work.

Axionable, as a management and technology consulting firm, is positioned at the convergence of technology (Data & AI) and sustainable development in order to help organizations that wish to achieve a profound and sustainable transformation.

Our mission? Accelerate and drive the sustainable transformation of companies and public organizations with Data and AI, but also support the players in the fields of renewable energy or NGOs.

We help them to assess and mitigate the risks arising from climate change, and to identify new opportunities for creating sustainable value

Our commitments
As leading player of the sustainable transformation, we are committed to being exemplary to our stakeholders through 3 strong CSR commitments:
Increase the sustainability of our business model: as recognized leaders in Data and AI fields, we target 95% of sustainable revenue by 2025
Promote diversity and social inclusion: we target 50% of the team members will be women in 2025, versus 38% in 2022 ans 18% in 2020.
Reduce our environmental footprint: certified trajectory via our SBTI commitments (reduce air travel, 100% of the paid meals are vegeterians...)


Our Expertise

We offer a unique alliance of technological and CSR expertise on the market.
In the context of our missions, we leverage these areas of expertise, at the crossroads of technology and CSR, to support organizations in their sustainable transformation journey and the maximization of their financial and non-financial performance.

Our offers

By relying on these technological and CSR expertises, we have developed our transformation service offerings for public and private orgnaizations willing to accelerate their transition while identifying new opportunities.
To do so, we are focusing our efforts on 6 offers where data & AI has demonstrated positive impact at scale:
Climate resilience
& climate AI
We are witnessing an avalanche of regulations regarding corporate climate disclosure obligations, whether in terms of financial reporting (IFRS 2) or extra-financial reporting (CSDR, Green Taxonomy).

Early market standards for corporate climate resilience analysis are emerging (notably the OCARA framework) but do not (yet) enable to forecast and quantify risks and future vulnerabilities under a several number of climate scenarios.


  • Accurate, customizable, operational and proprietary climate tools


  • Responsible and unrisky climate AIs thanks to the adoption of our certified AI ADM methodology, approved and aligned with the future European AI regulation


  • Opposable and market standards alignment of our deliverables and analysis

We offer an end-to-end assistance to our clients, from the assessment of vulnerability and risks exposure to climate change, to the definition of adaptation plans.

Axionable's technological DNA empowers our ability to quantify the impact of climate change on a facility or a set of facilities using AI.

& CO2 Data
More than ever, reducing the GHG emissions happens to be the TOP CSR priority for most companies.

The observable acceleration of global warming, the IPCC's increasingly urgent warnings, pressure from civil society and increasingly coercive regulations make decarbonization an imperative.

The first carbon footprint assessments are now followed by the necessity for operational deployment of decarbonization actions.


  • Alignment with leading carbon standards (Bilan carbone®, GHG protocol, SBTi, etc.)


  • Pragmatic and operational approach (GHG system, SM-GESr)


  • Ability to digitalize decarbonization
We offer an end-to-end assistance to our clients, from carbon footprint assessment to the deployment of tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of SBTi certified carbon trajectories.Axionable's technological DNA empowers our ability to create digitalized carbon calculators and applications (accessible online or integrated with the internal applications of our customers), as effective tools to catalyze decarbonization.
Major contributor to GHG emissions, energy consumption more than ever a major geopolitical issue and a growing budgetary burden as well.In this context, significantly reducing energy consumption is becoming a strategic imperative, specifically in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.
  • More than 10 years of expertise in energy performance of our consultants acquired with major players in all industries.


  • An advanced technological approach using AI (focused on ROI)

We offer an end-to-end assistance to our clients, from the audit of energy consumption of facilities and activities (EN 16247 diagnostics) to the operational implementation of tangible actions for the reduction of energy consumption (IPMVP, ISO 50001...).

Axionable's technological DNA empowers our ability to create dedicated digital applications (accessible online or integrated with the internal applications of our customers) as well as advanced algorithms to manage energy usage (Consumption forecasting, alerting algorithms, retro-piloting…).

Sustainable IT
& Trustworthy AI
AI is a great source of performance and offers many opportunities, but at the same time brings a number of drifts and risks for citizens and society.

AI regulation is intensifying and accelerating around the European AI Act project. The concept of Trustworthy AI is materializing and a market consensus is emerging around a certain number of key requirements (technical robustness and security, privacy, transparency of models, explainability, etc.).

At the same time, we are witnessing a multiplication of label/certificate/standard initiatives with different levels of opposability and varying time horizons.


  • A cutting edge proprietary methodology: ADM - Axionable Delivery Method - the only AI delivery methodology certified by the LNE and labeled 'Responsible and Trusted AI, advanced level' by Labelia


  • Guaranteed opposability, transparency, and risk management through the whole life cycle of your AI projects
We offer a complete transformation package for trustworthy AI, from the ROI quantification of a trustworthy AI approach to the integration and build of trustworthy AI technological bricks, including a complete training support offer.

We offer a comprehensive range of auditing services of your AI practices based on the best market benchmarks and standards, with (retro)documentation of your projects for an effective, unrisked and opposable approach to AI.

Social impact
& crisis management
We are now living in an “permacrisis” era that can’t be ignored: global pandemics, combined with the damage of climate change, war in Europe and their devastating consequences on the populations.

In this context, data are essential to provide reliable information and forecasts, to support the various actors involved in the response and management of theses crises, and ultimately, to better assist those directly affected.

While a number of constraints are to be expected with this type of setup (such as the need for rapid development and delivery cycles, or the limited availability and mobility of NGO teams and volunteers in the field). Nevertheless, there are well known best-in-class practices for running data projects efficiently that enable to meet the major challenges of these times of crisis.


  • Ability to react and deploy quickly reusable organizational systems and architectures that respond to these constraints and 'emergency' configurations


  • The guarantee of a responsible use of data (security, GDRP, transparency, ethics...)


  • A multidisciplinary team that can address use cases varying from the valorization of data assets to very long-term prospective analysis
We offer an end-to-end assistance, from data strategy through the valorization of data assets (human, demographic, etc.), to the implementation of AI models that allow projection and adaptation for the teams that evolve on the ground of those major crises.

ESG scoring
& analytics
ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) rating emerges as a major tool to accelerate – and finance – the transition. Although not yet mature enough, it improves the transparency and objectivity of the analysis of sustainability criteria. Massively used by financial institutions, it has become increasingly important for them to evaluate the sustainability or resilience of assets, just like financial criteria.

By its very 'data-intensive' nature, this activity involves scoring according to multiple criteria and standards, while combining, if possible, the widest possible range of data (declarative, financial and extra-financial publications, public data, etc.) in order to ensure reliability. The findings must be able to be interpreted, put into perspective and updated over time to ensure that the data can be used in a relevant and meaningful way.

Therefore, a reliable and user-friendly ESG dashboard is key to the adoption of all ESG criteria and to optimize the global performance in favor of a more sustainable economy.


  • Build of automated financial and extra-financial data collection systems, based on the identification of companies. (Simplicity of collecting financial and extra-financial reports or public data to feed ESG analysis)


  • Semantic and predictive analysis models, allowing to quantify the corporate ESG performance, according to predefined and calibrated criteria


  • A proven and certified delivery method, guaranteeing the highest standards of security, robustness and traceability

We offer an end-to-end assistance to our clients, from the definition of ESG assessment criteria to the delivery of ESG analytics in production. We rely on existing repositories, the extraction of relevant data sources, their aggregation and gap analysis or the customization of the dimensions to be analyzed.


Our team

An gender equal and committed leadership team
Founded in 2016, Axionable is led by its partners:


Gwendal Bihan
Chairman and CTO
Charlène Deloison
Human Resources and CSR Director
Vincent Philippine
Partner and commercial director
Malika Naamaoui
Administrative and Financial Director
Abdé Essaidi
Canada Executiv Vice President
Imène Boumghar
AI & Sustainable Data Mission
and Quality Director
José Sanchez
Head of Data Engineering
Céline Alby
Head of Data Science
A multidisciplinary team of passionate talent
Each project is unique, our alternative approaches involve a multidisciplinary team of specialists that includes sustainability consultants, data engineers/scientists and developers.


Our Clients

We work with leaders in their industries in France and Canada
More than thirty clients trust us to help them achieve sustainable and profound transformation targets in several sectors: financial services, medias & telecommunications, infrastructure & mobility, energy & utilities, NGOs & Public Services.


7 April 2023

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Le top des lectures / audios de vacances de l’équipe Axionable :

Le top des lectures / audios de vacances de l’équipe Axionable : Comme chaque année, notre équipe vous a concocté sa liste de coups de cœur, à emporter dans vos valises ! Petite nouveauté pour cette fois-ci, on y a glissé quelques podcasts à écouter, en plus des traditionnelles recommandations lectures. Cet été, on vous […]



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