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Axionable and Sweep bring together technological and sustainability expertise to power businesses’ climate journeys.

15 February 2024

Sweep, the all-in-one platform designed to help organizations act on carbon and ESG data, has signed a strategic partnership with Axionable, the leading French player in the sustainability transition providing tech-enabled consulting services.

Sweep and Axionable has already been teaming together to support the ESG journey of +10 companies across various sectors including financial institutions, telcos, media, B2B services, healthcare and manufacturing.

The partnership brings together Axionable’s unique alliance of technological and CSR expertise, Sweep’s powerful data-driven platform and advanced analytics, and a shared vision that business is at the heart of helping solve the climate crisis. The combination of their state-of-the-art expertise will enable companies to accelerate and scale up their decarbonization efforts.

Sweep’s intuitive platform and user-friendly interfaces offer comprehensive support in efficiently collecting, calculating and reporting carbon and ESG data, at a time when businesses are compelled to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements.
From mandatory reporting such as the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to voluntary frameworks such as the ISSB, Sweep empowers organizations around the world to take short- and long-term action on their climate and business goals.

Axionable is supporting the implementation of Sweep within organizations, while ensuring the full alignment with businesses ESG & climate strategies & commitments. Axionable tech-enabled sustainability services include carbon & ESG methodological support, data collection & analytics, change management, architecture and integration within clients’ own IS.

The combination of Jupiter’s leading climate data and analytics that include unmatched data granularity and scientific rigor, Axionable’s unique expertise: at the crossroads between technology and support for adaptation and climate resilience, will enable customers to maximize their financial performance and support their sustainability and ESG efforts.


Gwendal Bihan, CEO and Co-founder of Axionable said: “This strategic partnership is fully aligned with our core mission, of leveraging responsible technology to super-charge our clients’ climate and ESG strategies. Sweep’s solution is a true accelerator, which has already proved its scalability and robustness.”

Rachel Delacour, CEO and Co-Founder at Sweep added: “Companies increasingly want to make sustainability decisions which will improve their business performance both immediately, and in the long term – but they often don’t feel in control of their sustainability data. Sweep draws upon the largest volume of data from across organizations and their value chains to provide the most dynamic and up-to-date picture. Combined with Axionable’s expertise in technology and sustainability, our partnership empowers businesses to take control of their climate journeys.” 

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About Sweep

Sweep is the all-in-one platform to help organizations act on carbon and ESG data – from mapping to measuring, reducing to reporting. It’s the enterprise-ready solution to help companies scale climate action across teams, supply chains, and portfolio quickly and cost-effectively.

Cofounded by Rachel Delacour, Yannick Chaze and Raphael Gueller, Sweep is B Corp certified and a member of the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, France Invest, and The International Emissions Trading Association. It was selected to join FrenchTech Next 120/40 program and was named “Europe’s fastest growing scale up by Financial Times’ Sifted.

To find out more, visit

About Axionable

Axionable stands out as a leading sustainability consultancy, focused on the acceleration of the climate & ESG journey for businesses with science and responsible technologies. B Corp certified and award-winning, Axionable is recognized for its ESG excellence and innovative sustainable solutions. Trusted by major financial institutions and enterprises throughout Europe and North America, Axionable empowers them to improve their ESG performance in line with science. To find out more, visit



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