Why I will attend dotAI, the only AI & ML Conference for Developers

2 mai 2018

Are you tired of attending technical conferences in which there are too many parallel sessions and the speakers are unprepared? I present you in this article a worth going conference in Paris!

From experience, most of the technical conferences on 2017 were whether basic introduction of Artificial Intelligence use cases, or a firm’s marketing speech with reduced technical content. That is not to mention the hard-to-handle duration of the speeches.

Having said that, I highly recommend the dotAI‘s conferences which offer talks following the TED quality formats. Namely the conference is divided into series twenty-minutes talk with a high-level technical presentation on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The aim is to assure that at the end of the day, the participants will leave with either a stronger knowledge of a precise field, or good insights to start with ideas they wouldn’t have thought other way. Here is the list of some topics presented last year:

  • Recommender Systems
  • Image Labelling
  • Space Imagery Applications
  • An algorithm to solve Alpha2048
  • TensorFlow on Android
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • GPU Optimisation

If you want to watch the talks from last year, please visit this link.

I believe it would be a nice opportunity to have a peer-to-peer communication, gain solid insights over technical aspects of developing algorithms, and also to be up to date with the most exciting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning real-world uses cases. It will be held on May the 31th at Dock Pullman (87 Avenue des Magasins Généraux, Aubervilliers).

Because of the quality of dotAI, Axionable is proud to support the community of AI developers by being the platinum sponsor of this conference. We will be happy to talk with you in our booth on May the 31th.

Please find here the official link of dotAI for more details, and here its past talks.

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José Sanchez

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