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[Vidéo] ACTING IN TIME OF CRISIS at Change Now2022

30 May 2022
Change Now 2022
  • “When a crisis happens you have to use what is available, no time for R&D, quick and fast… and we cannot make compromises on things like privacy or cybersecurity.”
  • “CULTURE. CULTURE, CULTURE…most of the time the root cause is always a lake of tech & data culture. So the response is on culture, on training…we need more training.”
  • “It’s difficult to be fast and also safe.”
  • “Another challenge which is super important, which is transparency and accountability. We need to report back.”
  • “We are co-building new services. We are co-conceiving our new social offerings.”

“In a fast changing world where natural disasters and conflicts seem to multiply, how can we effectively respond and help the most vulnerable victims? A diversity of actors including NGOs, public and private sector, are collaborating and implementing innovative solutions to act in times of crisis.”

Watch the replay of our CEO Gwendal Bihan and Axelle Lemaire from the Croix Rouge Française’s session at Change Now: “Acting in Times of Crisis”.

Axelle and Gwendal spoke about the impact of the responsible use of technology and data to better manage the Croix Rouge Française and its volunteer’s responses face the emergency of the Ukrainian crisis and the reception of refugees at this conference, and were preceded by a talk from Luc Chauvin of Unicef and then Hanna Bouchier of Apopo.



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