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20 Minutes

“Axionable helps us on end-to-end data projects, from the definition of our ambition to the development of our chatbot. A simple and practical vision, just like ours !”
Olivier Bonsart,
CEO 20 Minutes.


Having 22,4 millions users and 62% of urban workers, 20 Minutes is a leading media brand in France and the favorite brand of the under fifty. To personalize the relationship with its readers, meet advertisers' expectations and become reader-centric, 20 Minutes has put digitization and data at the heart of its development strategy.


The Axionable team first helped the company's management to define its ambition and its data roadmap. Axionable experts then assisted 20 Minutes' technical, digital and sales teams in the implementation of the roadmap: data architecture design, data solutions selection, cross-disciplinary project management, design and development of the chabot using Natural Language Processing technologies.


The end-to-end approach, data expertise, pragmatism and the logic of co-construction led to the onboarding of the entire 20 Minutes organization on the data roadmap. After several trials to confirm the choices made, the 20 Minutes chatbot is being deployed and industrialized in parallel with the development of other data technologies and the launch of innovative products and commercial offers.
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